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How to Order/ Sizing

I thought that this tab was crucial to add to the website as I am asked all the time about sizing and how to order correctly.

The biggest disappointment is receiving something that you ordered and it doesn't fit. Well this information is here to help you and I make sure that we are on the same page and that your piece(s) are perfectly perfect.

Ring Sizing: I ask that you order true to your size. I've "fingered" out the correct way to size to fit true in working with leather. Leather does stretch a little but not too significantly. I do take that into consideration when I am sizing the leather ring. When you receive your ring it may be a little snug but after a week or two it'll conform to your finger and fit like a glove. 

Leather Cuff sizing:  It is crucial that you measure your wrist correctly when placing your order. I've attached a picture of how I would like you to size you wrist. Make sure the measure tape or what ever you choose is not around your wrist too tight and slightly above the wrist bone. I need that true measurement. I've worked long and hard to achieve the correct formula to size my leather cuffs depending on what style they are and the choice of leather I use. Please make sure you follow instructions on how to size your wrist properly. There are some styles that cannot be resized and others that can. Resizing fees can become costly due to what it entails, so getting it right the first time will save a lot of trouble. Please refer to the photo below for the proper way to measure your wrist. I size to allow comfortability. There will be a little wiggle room so it is a healthy fit.

If you have any additional questions please fill out question form at bottom of this page. We'll get back to you in a timely manner. 

Thank you



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