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My Story, My Mission, My Passion



Oli Rose Collection is a brand that embraces leather heritage.Leather-wears inspired by nature and the Southwestern spirit. 

Handmade as oppose to a factory moil of mass production is what makes Oli Rose Collection much different. A brand that ignites the discerning customer that knows my product will be a part of their life for years, not just a season or two. It is a wearable art of intention, purpose and meaning. Our souls long for the connection of authenticity from crafter to owner and that is the relationship I achieve to create.


About the designer:

My name is Cassandra Silva. I am the owner and designer of Oli Rose Collection. 

I grew up in the little mountain town of Crestline, CA located in the San Bernardino mountains. Many moons  later I have come to find residence in the high desert of Phelan, CA. My Collection has a very strong influence from my surroundings. My visions embrace the Southwest, vast desert landscapes and beautiful nature. 

My fascination of jewelry began when I was a child. My grandmother had a collection of American Indian jewelry from her travels with my grandfather. She would let me dress up with a few costume pieces that were mine when I would visit. The older I became the more my grandmother would reveal her entire shrine of treasured jewelry and tell me stories of where she was, relationships built, what tribe the pieces had been made and what her and my grandfather were doing at that time. With each piece and each story I became more and more fascinated with this specific genre, that being American Indian jewelry. The seed was planted. I knew one day I was going to make glorious jewelry for myself and others. It excites me to know that my leatherwear's' will too create their timeline in people's lives and have a positive impact.    

What prompted me to do leather verses any other medium of jewelry making?

My husband Daniel Silva of Crazy Heart Leather was a huge influence with the material of ( leather). I wouldn't say I found leather, I'd say leather found me. I was 7 years deep in a corporate job, and became pregnant with my first born Olivia Rose, as we like to call her "Oli" (oh-lee). After the first time I held her in my arms, everything changed. Nothing else was as important as this beautiful being that was in my presence. With working full-time in a management position I was in a constant tug-of-war. I wanted to spend more time and be at home with Oli but I wanted to provide for her as well. Meanwhile, my husband had started to take off tooling leather on the side of tattooing. With more and more exposure to leather, the more a curiosity developed. I thought maybe this is the craft that will enable me to spend more time with my family and enrich the artistic haven that was dormant inside of me and this could be a win~win situation. More time to with my family and more time to create.

 I made and sold my first leather cuff in 2008. I was completely ecstatic. I loved the reaction my products received and from there Oli Rose Collection was born. Inspired by my loving daughter who reignited that  flame inside of me. My first pieces are completely comical but never forgotten. We all have to start somewhere. I'd found my niche. It felt so natural to work with leather and I was compelled to revisit my childhood memories of times spent with my grandmother and incorporate memories into my leather-wears. My mind was working overtime. I had now found a place where I could be passionate and creatively free. My husband was generous to take the time and show me the basics. His level of tooling is far beyond the style I have embraced. I am more of a geometric stamper. His artistic talent is more modern traditional style of leather-tooling. I used to embellish old belts, purses, etc. One evening my husband said, "try stamping Cass." Funny enough, I refused at first. I didn't want anything to do with stamping. I felt the leather I was using was already done, aged and has a history. It was one less thing I had to worry about.  Well one afternoon I decided with the burning curiosity that I was going to stamp a little something. From the first pound on the leather from the mallet, I was hooked! It was challenging, new, I loved the way the leather felt. It was like a ballpoint pen on a stack of newspapers. Night after night Daniel would educate me, push me, be my cheerleader, my coach. He aided my growth in many ways. I soon became a stamp fanatic. The designs that appear in my head cannot be explained but are highly influenced from my grandmother's jewelry, my hippy days and of course our Mother's nature. I love to put shapes together. The kaleidoscope was always one of my favorite toys as a child and still to this day, I love kaleidoscopes. Mandalas are another one of my favorite forms of art and I love love Art Deco as well. Those who love Oli Rose I feel share the same interests. 

There is a deep connection that takes place when I am creating my pieces. It's me, the hide, my mind, my tools and the mallet. This quiet company that speaks my language and understands my vision. 

"Creativity is the fun of putting together unexpected ideas." - Hazel Edwards

Above is my favorite quote. A quote that keeps me grounded and open minded. When working with vintage jewelry and recently adopted new jewelry by my husband,  it's really tough to point the finger at what inspired the final product. The Silver/Turquoise piece? Or a tooling idea that popped in my head? Each are in unison. Sometimes I go into a project with complete narrow-mindedness and come out thinking, that went a completely different direction then what I had intended. That's what is fun about what I do everyday.


My biggest motivators are my husband and inspiring children Oli and Archer. To have the daily support and encouragement from my family is hands down, the best! I hope to instill a lifetime of creativity, free spirit and fostering the haven for my children letting them know everyday that dreams do come true but you have to meet them half way. Nothing will fall in your lap, you've gotta work for it!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. 

Cassandra Silva

Oli Rose Collection